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Foundation Interview “We are kind of like the foundation to Foundation…”

July 25, 2009


This is an interview i did with Andrew (guitar player of foundation). This interview was a two part interview, i did one with him around november or december and i did some follow up questions this past june over email. These four questions are just a preview. The rest of this interview will be printed in the first issue of NewNoise. When all of those issues are sold out i plan to put the rest of the interview up online for people to see and read, so for now enjoy…

What were your ambitions or goals for the band when you guys first started?

Andrew: We started the band because playing music with your friends is fun. Plain and simple. We originally wanted to play music in the vein of a lot of our favorite hardcore acts from the mid-90s. Some of these included Unbroken, Mean Season, Strife, Outspoken. We wanted to emulate a real stripped-down sound such as some of these bands I mentioned.

What are your goals now for the band? Has anything changed?

It seems like so much has changed since the beginning. We have parted ways with a lot of members since the beginning and right now Champ, Tomas, and I remain to be the only original members. I’m pretty sure that the band would end if one of us had to stop playing for some reason. We are kind of like the foundation to Foundation… Our goals now for the band are to continue to progress as musicians and to not write any more bad parts. 

I would love to eventually write enough songs to release on an LP. We have full intentions to continue with the band and gradually become more serious (as far as touring goes) as I get closer to graduating college. I’m the reason why we’re moving slow like a turtle walks, but I’m so close to finishing that it wouldn’t be worth it for me to go full force until I get that piece of paper that says I’m done.

You guys have a very strong impact on Atlanta and the straight edge hardcore scene there, what are your thoughts on seeing new kids and faces coming to your shows and getting into hardcore and straight edge?

Well, I certainly appreciate any one who supports our band, but I don’t really think too much about the new faces coming to shows and/or getting into straight edge. Here in Atlanta we really have an attitude to uphold and as shitty as it sounds, I would like to uphold this attitude. 

I mean, hardcore isn’t for everyone and I don’t really like to befriend a lot of these new faces that start coming around until they stick around long enough to show that hardcore and punk is really something that they give a shit about. For all I know, the main reason these new faces are coming around is because they have found this year’s new hobby or they have found a new place to meet people of the opposite sex. 

That’s not to say that I don’t believe that I can’t learn anything from these people. I just don’t go out of my way to introduce myself to people at shows. Besides, knowing everyone at the shows isn’t really the main reason you should be going to shows anyways. I think it’s cooler to be a part of something together as individuals. 

As far as straight edge goes, I fully support anyone who decides to make the decision to be straight edge as long as they have honestly put enough time into thinking about whether or not it’s right for them. Sadly enough, this isn’t typically the case, which is why there are so many edge breakers out there haha.

What are your plans for future releases? Is there an LP in the works?

Aside from the 5-song EP, we don’t know what our plans are for future releases. We’re gonna be touring a good bit for a while since none of us really have any major obligations in life right now. When we get back we’re gonna start writing again, but we have yet to decide what we want to do with our new material.

-NewNoise 2009

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