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This Marks Yet Another New Beginning

July 25, 2009

So this is probably the third or fourth name change we have done for this zine and we have yet to even print one yet! I guess we just haven’t been satisfied with anything we have come up with really as far as names go. I can assure you the material is all here and we are in the final stages of printing this damn thing out. 

I guess i just was waiting around for a name to really come out and pull me in. I didnt want to print the first issue knowing that i was unsatisfied with the name and eventually changing it in the future. So i figured i can stretch it out for just a little bit longer instead of a name change when we have a few issues under our belts.

New Noise is the outcome of what i originally had planned for this project. At first it was We Sleep, then for a brief moment Counter Fanzine and now New Noise is here to stay, i know its probably hard to believe me but trust me, third times a charm.

The first issue will still have all of the interviews that i was putting in Counter and one or two more new ones that have been unannounced so far. 

The first issue is set to be out on August 5, 2009.

The first issue will have interviews with Patrick Kitzel (Reaper Records, Foundation, Polar Bear Club, Sam Yarmuth (Triple-B Records), Unholy, Not Sorry, and Violent Side.

Along with every zine we plan to have a CD comp to go along with it featuring bands with new material or newer bands from around the area. Maybe someday in the future we could do vinyl, but for now CD format is cheaper.

We will be putting together an online webstore for anyone to pick up a copy online for those who live somewhat farther away. I will be having copies of the first issue in my distro on tour and at shows locally around Syracuse.

No more bullshit, this is it…no more name changes i am actually really excited about new noise and i think it goes along great with what i and my brother are about, and its a song by a great band. Ive learned next time to not announce anything until I’m completely satisfied with it and am actually going to go through on it.

-newnoise 2009

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