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It’s Sunday Which Means I Did Up Some Reviews

August 3, 2009

Dinosaur Jr – Farm
June 23, 2009 | Jagjaguwa Records

Dinosaur-Jr-FarmThe legendary Dinosaur Jr is back with another great full length. Very rarely do bands come back and write/record a great record, nonetheless TWO great records. Their previous record “Beyond” was the mark of their return back from an almost 10 year break.

Dinosaur Jr has always had a unique sound to them, mixing grudge, rock and alternative music and they have always stuck to that formula, even with their later releases. “Farm” is no different. The sound of this record is very much like any Dino Jr record, dirty, loud, but yet clean and smooth sounding when the time is right.

Over 20 years of existance its amazing that the Dino trio is still coming up with great riffs and great songs. I guess when you’ve been doing it for so long you know what you want and you know what to steer away from. When “Beyond” came out i thought it was a great “comeback” record and i had heard before that they had gotten back together and played some reunion shows, but i assumed that it might only last for one record, but clearly i was wrong because they are back again with an 11 song double LP and Jagjaguwa did a great job with putting together this record.

The artwork goes great with the overall feel of the record, kind of a stoner type vibe which is somewhat normal for these guys. Im sure if you were high while looking at this record you would be freaking out. There’s nothing better than a record that keeps you anticipating and wanting more throughout the first few listens and this record does exactly that. Once you hear any one of the songs off this record it will get stuck in your head and make you want to hear more. The opening track “Pieces” along with “Over It” start of with two very catchy guitar riffs that will never leave your head. With every upbeat song there is one the polar opposite, songs such as “Said the People” and “Plans” will make you just want to sit back and soak it all in.

The Dino trio really know how to write great songs on both ends of the spectrum. Basically what this record comes down to is a classic Dinosaur Jr record. It has everything a fan would want, the sound, the songs, the vocals and the overall feel of a Dino record. I feel like these guys will never write a bad song or a bad record even, and hopefully they keep putting out more great records in the future. This is a band of the past, present and the future. This record is “record of the year” worthy in my book and it has even debuted as #29 in recent billboard charts. I feel like i have said not enough good things about this record, so i will leave it at that.

Trapped Under Ice – Secrets of the World
August 4, 2009 | Reaper Records

GDOB2-30CH-001.cdrProbably the most anticipated record of the year and maybe even the most talked about record in the past few weeks, TUI is back with an 11 song LP/CD on Reaper Records. This is a very huge record, and by huge i mean the sound and production of this record will make you quiver.

The sound isn’t much different than their previous EP, the bass tone however is much stronger now that they have Jared from Down to Nothing. That was a smart move for them i think, the tone is there and the bass parts are very distinct. Their music has always struck me in a different way than most bands.

The writing and structure of their songs have always been unique and im sure most of you are well aware of that. This record is a step up for sure, the songs have a lot more structure but still stay under the three minute mark. A lot of bands can’t seem to put those two together, but TUI does it well. The artwork was done by D.J. Rose (Halo Tattoos, Path of Resistance) and he did a really good job. Im sure there was a lot of pressure with doing such a big release but the layout and artwork came together really great. This will probably be up there on everyones list of “top 10 albums of the year” and i don’t blame them, it will be up there on mine for sure. The more and more i listen to it the more i get into it and to me that is how a record should be.

“Titus”, “Too True”, Believe” and “T.U.I.” are all very powerful songs and bring this record together. “Beleiver” features a quest spot from the singer of STOUT, it will knock you off your feet. All in all , there isn’t much more to say about this record except to go pick it up from reaper records if you haven’t already, this is the record of the year!

Mother of Mercy – III
2009 | Six Feet Under Records

MoM400x400This is the bands third release and its one of their strongest releases to date. Previously they did two 7″‘s which i thought were amazing, i wasn’t sure how i was going to react when i heard they did a full length, but this ended up to be one of my favorite records of the year so far. They pick up right where they left off on their previous two 7″ but the overall sound and production of this record is flawless.

The vocals are a lot more raspier which fits well with the guitar and drum sounds. I think he has some of the best vocals in hardcore right now, and his stage presence is there also. This band has a lot of influence from legendary 90’s bands, but i wouldn’t say 90’s hardcore bands. They get a lot of their sound from bands like Quicksand and Helmet, and if you add those two together you get another great 90’s band Handsome, which they have a little bit of their sound as well. Think of adding all of those great bands together with some more thrash guitar parts and you get Mother of Mercy.

I feel like this band is one of the few bands that are not afraid to get a little creative and think outside of the box, in the middle of the record the song “Cadence” is just a dark piano part that sounds like it was recorded in a large noisy church and you can even hear rain and thunder in the background. Some bands would think thats too weird and not “hardcore” and thats why some bands cant write more than 4 songs.

Another good thing with this record is that is goes by quick and doesn’t drag out for too long. When i first listened to it, i got through it and was bummed that i couldn’t hear more, so i just put it on again for another spin and it was even better the second time around. This record has everything it needs, the riffs, the vocals and the overall production is there. Its not to overproduced but solid enough for a great sounding LP. They have a sound that i think no one else is really doing right now and they are not afraid to do it.

Paint it Black – Amnesia 7″
June 12, 2009 | Bridge 9 Records

amnesiaI think this is what an EP is suppose to sound like, short and memorable. I’ve always been really into what Paint it Black has done musically with their past records and this is not a dissapointment. Now is it a step up from their last record “New Lexicon”? For me its hard to determine because that was a full length and this is only a five song EP, but i can for sure say that this is a Paint it Black record.

There is no bullshit with this record, no filler songs, and no samples by Oktopus (Dälek fame) in between songs (which i happened to be a fan of). This record starts off with some of the best bass tone that i’ve heard in a punk/hardcore band. To add to the bass part is Dan Yemins memorable raspy-like vocals. He has a lot more to be pissed off about on this record it seems than previous, at least in the first song. 

This record is not anything to out their for PIB, they have developed a unique sound over the past few records, especially with “New Lexicon” but this is what i expected to hear when i first read that they were in the studio writing new music.

I think it makes a lot more sense when punk and hardcore bands stick to EP’s. Very rarely does a band come along that can pull off doing a great full length that can keep the listener still listening when the record stops spinning. But Paint it Black can do both, the bottom line is that this is a great EP, it has everything you would want from a PIB record, melodies, pissed off vocals, and a great bass tone.

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