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Triple-B Records Interview

August 8, 2009


I met Sam on the Forfeit/Foundation tour last summer. He was nice enough to let us stay at his parents house for a few days. He has been doing Triple B for quite some time now and he has put out some great records in the past few years. I did this interview with him over email a couple months back so everything is a little outdated. Go and check out his site, he has some new releases coming out very soon that are really awesome so go pre-order them all! Look out for Downpresser, Fire and Ice, Wolf Whistle, Thought Crusade and many more on the way.

NewNoise: Around what time in your life did you fist get into hardcore? What was your first show and what made you want to go to more shows?

Sam: I started listening to punk/hardcore when I was in 7th grade. I had switched schools and became friends with the “punk” crowd so they got me into shit like Rancid, Operation Ivy, and even Poison the Well. I didn’t go to my first show until I was in 8th grade, though. I asked my dad to take me to Gainesville Fest but he said no (that was the year of the infamous Converge riot). The first show I went to was the Dillinger Escape Plan. At this show, I saw the fire being spit into the crowd, people jumping off the side railings, and a bunch of fights. The feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen and the overall “fear” of crazy people at shows is what kept me going to more shows. Also seeing people jump off anything and everything made me want to try it myself.

What was your first release and what made you decide to put it out?

The first BBB release was the Earthquake/Gak Attack split 7”? I had traded records with Sean from Earthquake for a while, we were internet friends haha. He knew I wanted to start up a label and asked if I wanted to release their split. Since I was into the Quake, I said definitely. It all just set off from there, after that I was hitting up other bands and planning more releases. It was awesome.

Looking through the triple b discography you have put out your fair share of records/tapes/cds, which one were you most excited about or anxious to put out?

I’ve been pretty excited on all of my releases but I guess the Lie And Wait LPep and Foundation 7” win. The LAW LP especially since we silk-screened 105 of them with a cool skull/angel/demon thing and 65 with snowflakes for the winter tour. Those records definitely look the coolest. The Foundation 7” was also really exciting because I had been a big Foundation fan before they were on the label and it was also the first release I’ve every printed t-shirts for. Full color t-shirts, 2 awesome songs, and 3 insane vinyl color combos made releasing the 7” amazing.

All time favorite hardcore record…go!

It’s a tie between Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forge the Streets and the Lower East Side Crew 7” both by WARZONE (the greatest hardcore band ever).

Go and pick up these new releases from Triple-B on their webstore –

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