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Recent Record Purchases Time For Reviews

August 18, 2009

I picked up a few new releases while I was at This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia this past weekend. I picked what I knew was going to be good to review for the zine. These are some great bands that are doing good things, so be sure to pick these up and to support these bands and the labels that put out these records.

Foundation – Hang Your Head
August, 2009 | Six Feet Under Records

foundation-hang-your-headThis release is the first release for Foundation on Six Feet Under Records and it has been very well anticipated for a while now. This is by far the best record this five piece from Atlanta has put out. They have definitely grown in the past few records they’ve done. Hang Your Head” has a much heavier sound to it and the overall message is very powerful and straight forward, not too many bands do that nowadays. Foundation has been through some lineup changes since their previous records, adding a new bass player along with a new guitar player and the alteration is noticeable.

This band has always had a 90’s sound to them and there is no lacking of that with this record but I feel that there has been some newer influences added to their sound. Bands like Buried Alive, Converge, and Indecision come to mind a lot when listening to this record. The song structure is a lot more intense on this record as well.

Starting off with the track “Fireproof”, which has one of the strongest opening riffs on this record. The vocals come in very hard and are backed by powerful gang vocals that sound like The Path of Resistance (“Who Dares Wins” era). After that follows the title track “Hang Your Head” which is the longest song on the record. The chorus is very heavy and kicks in at the end of the song even heavier.

My two favorite tracks off this record are the last two “Heartless” followed by “Pray For (Atlanta)”. I can’t really express how heavy both of these songs are, so you really need to just go pick this up. “Heartless” opens up with a riff that sounds like it would be on an early Converge record which i think really adds to the effect of the song. “Pray For (Atlanta)” kicks in right after with a very strong guitar part guided by a sample over everything. I think It goes along great with the lyrics and the actual feel of the song. Once you read the lyrics and hear what is being said everything should start to click, the concept of the song along with sample is very coherent.

Along with the record SFU put a digital download card in and on that was a re-recorded song “Evaporate” which is off the first 7″. This recording features a quest spot from Justice of Trapped Under Ice which was a cool thing they did and it came out sounding great.

Foundation have always been very proud of where they come from and if you look closely at their lyrics and the layout of this record you will see that very clearly. Not too many bands hold onto their own scene not to mention talk about unity and pride in their lyrics and display it within the artwork and layout.

This record is without a doubt their best work yet and im glad they decided to go with such a great label to do this on. Everything from the artwork and layout to the actual record came out great, this will be a very well recieved release for both Foundation and Six Feet Under Records.

Soul Control – Silent Reality EP
August 2009 | Bridge 9 Records

1247587035This is the first release on Bridge 9 for SC, following this release is their full length LP titled “Cycles” which will be out later this month. This EP features two songs “Silent Reality” which will be on the LP and “Feel the Pain” which is a cover by Dinosaur Jr.

When i heard talks about SC doing a cover for the EP I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that they had something good up their sleeves. When i found out that it was a Dino Jr cover and that it was spot on and “radio worthy” i knew i had to pick this up to hear for myself. For once the rumors were not wrong. I was expecting maybe to hear Rory’s normal yell over the song but this is in fact sung intentionally to sound like J Mascis and it turned out great. Everything about the cover is exact, the guitar/bass tones and even the drums. I had to go and listen to the actual recording by Dino Jr to compare the two and it was like i was just listening to a different version by the same band, but clearly it wasn’t the same band.

I suppose i should at least talk about the SC song which is on side A of the EP. Soul Control has always had their own sound to them even with the addition of Rory on vocals they have still managed to withstand their own style. This track is nothing to out their for these guys but it is defiantly a step up. The production is very well put together and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the LP. The guitarist has defiantly messed around with some more effects on this record which i think is cool, Ive always been into the weird stuff that this band has been able to pull off.

This EP only features one song off the LP so its hard for me to judge the rest of the record but from the sound of this song i can tell its going to be a step up from their previous records. And if your into Dino Jr pick this up and hear it for yourself because its a work of magic, i don’t know how they got to sound so close to Dino Jr but they certainly pulled it off, i was hoping a hardcore band would do this sooner or later and I’m glad it was Soul Control.

Gypsy – s/t 7″
August, 2009 | Six Feet Under Records

SFU031StoreNew band with a new sound and with a strong first release like this one its no surprise that Gypsy will be talked about and well received. Featuring members of Cold World, ex-Blacklisted, and Let Down, this four piece has a very different sound than its predecessors.

This record reminds me a lot of older 90’s alternative/post hardcore bands such as Handsome, and Braid mixed with a dirtier grunge sound similar to Dinosaur Jr and Hum (minus the space rock sound).

Both songs have a different aspect to them, the first track “Me Against the World” has a heavier feel to it and is very upbeat, the riffs and structure remind me a lot of Helmet. The second track “Skeleton Parade” is much slower and more relaxed than the previous song. It reminds me a lot of Dinosaur Jr or something along those lines, especially when the guitar solos kicks in. The vocals are very dynamic but yet not all over the place and that is a very good thing. Especially when the vocals are actual sung, its almost like a Braid/Hum hybrid.

They did the right thing with this record, there is not to many songs to keep the listener from wanting it to be over. This record is short and makes you want to hear more. They put their sound out on the table and people will know what to expect from this band with future releases, which i hope they do more.

I feel like this formula has happened before, you take members of hardcore bands and you make them play in a rock band (like Quicksand or Renee Heartfelt) which i’ve always been a fan of. These songs are very catchy and can easily be stuck in your head, this is a very strong EP and a band like this has needed to come along for a while now.

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