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Upcoming Releases: Converge “Axe To Fall”

August 19, 2009

Converge “Axe To Fall” CD/LP (Out 10.20)
Epitaph Records | Deathwish Inc.

Converge just recently posted a new track on their page titled “Dark Horse” off their upcoming album ,which will be released October 20th on CD/LP. This song is a testament that converge can still no wrong. This song kicks in with drums and eventually a very fast and intense riff that sounds almost as if it has a little synth effect over the distortion. This song has pretty much the same formula as any converge song, fast, intense and a powerhouse full of guitar melodies and intricate drumming patterns.

From the sounds of this song i feel like there will be a lot to soak in with this record when it comes out and I’ve always liked that about converge. The production from the sound of this song is a lot more crisp and clean cut than previous records which will defiantly appeal to a new crowd and still keep the old crowd coming back for more.

Kurt Ballou did another great job with the production. If I’m not mistaken i thought i heard that they had another producer helping them with this record but i am not to sure.

All in all i feel like this record will not be a disappointment which I’m glad i can say that about Converge because they have been out doing it for a while. You would think they would run out of parts after a while, but surely they haven’t. Be sure to keep an eye out for this record on LP and CD, it will be out before you know it.

Go check it out if you havn’t already and hear for youself.

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