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A Lot of Great Records Out Lately

August 29, 2009

Paint it Black – Surrender EP
August 18, 2009 | Fat Wreck Chords

l_d93efb32547947d5ae408e24df2781fa-1“Surrender” is the follow up EP to PIB’s previous effort released earlier this summer, the “Amnesia” EP. This record starts right where they left off and continues to bring forth fast and aggressive melodic Hardcore/Punk sound.

When I found out that PIB was going to stick to doing EP’s for a while I was very excited to see how it would turnout. Unlike most bands PIB decided to go with two different labels for these releases, most bands I think wouldn’t do that and its a brave move for them. Both of the records came out great, Fat Wreck Chords and Bridge 9 did a great job as well.

This four song EP goes by fast and is one of  their most aggressive releases to date. The first song “Scared” is a great transition into the record, i feel like i could listen to the “Amnesia” EP right into this one. Both records were recorded at the same time and by the same producer, so in a sense these EP’s are meant to go together and would go great on an LP, but these records have their own unique qualities to them.

This record is a lot more faster and more pissed off in a sense, but yet still melodic. I never thought that i would say melody could be pissed off but this record has proven me wrong. PIB’s previous records have always had tight sounding production to them, and this record is nothing far from that. PIB also has some of the best bass tones in punk/hardcore to date, Ive never been more excited to hear low end all by itself before.

Fat Wreck Chords did a small amount of 7″s for the first pressing. 320 of them are on red which have already sold out and another 320 on green that PIB will have on tour. So get this record before its too late because its already starting to sell quick. 

Both “Surrender” and “Amnesia” are great EP’s from a great band and PIB is defiantly one of the bigger bands to keep an eye out for in the punk/hardcore scene. There has yet to be one release that’s a disappointment in my opinion and they keep getting better with time, one of the best bands out today.

Cave In – Planets of Old
2009 | Hydra Head Records

00 artworks_smallWhen i found out that Cave In was going to play shows again, i freaked out. And when i heard news that they were recording a new record, i almost fell out of my chair.

Cave In have always been a band that’s surprised me, every record was like a new, musical experience. They were definitely one of the most important bands in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and still to this day have an impact on the hardcore/punk and indie/metal scenes. Most bands get a lot of shit for changing up their sound and Cave In ha indeed gotten a lot of that, but the also have gained a lot of success and positive feedback from their previous records.

Now after a few years of being on hiatus, Cave In is back with a four song 12″LP. That might not sound like much but Cave In have definitely reached new boundaries with this record. This record has the unique qualities that a Cave In record would normally have but with new elements. Adding a more psychedelic/doom sound with this record, the first track “Cayman’s Tongue” starts the record off with some weird guitar effects that goes right into some stoner metal riffery.

The Second track “Retina Sees Rewind” is very short but very melodic and will get stuck in your head for hours after one listen. I feel like this song resembles a lot of what they were doing towards the later part of their career (Jupiter, Antenna, etc…) “The Red Trail” starts off on side b of the record and sounds to me like it was an unreleased song off “Until Your Heart Stops” . The song is very fast and very aggressive much like Cave in was once none for back in the beginning of their run.

The production of this record is set a little different than most of the other records they’ve done. Most of the members have gone on to do other projects (such as Zozobra, Clouds, Octave Museum, and Doomriders) and a think a lot of those influences from their other projects have been added in with the sound of this record, which is not at all a bad thing.

This record is a great representation of what Cave In is known for and capable of. They can still manage to add new elements to their music while still carrying the sound that they have been known for. This is a great record and im glad to see them back on Hydra Head for another great release. Cave In can do no wrong and this record proves that they are a band that can come back and put together a great record.

Feed – Human Engine
Digital EP | Seafoam Recordings

l_9f81a03cd9b24a0ba37ecd3efb38545fI don’t know to much info about this record, but I’m pretty sure it was released this past year but i have not found any other information on it other than that. I just recently came across Seafoam Recordings website and on it they had a free download for this record so i jumped on the chance to get these tracks.

Ive been looking for this record for a while now and I’m glad i finally came across it. Unfortunately this band has recently called it quites, with this being the last recording that they have done. Feed features (ex-)members of Bitter End, Iron Age, and Lie and Wait so if you haven’t figured it out this band is indeed in fact from Texas.

Although this band adheres to a much different sound. With influences from bands such as Only Living Witness and Alice in Chains, they have adapted a sound from the 90’s and brought it into todays modern hardcore/metal scene. 

Heavy riffs and clean vocals are the two main elements when it comes to describing the overall sound of this band. I don’t think there is one scream or grunt on this record.  “Kept in Stone”  is by far the hit on this record and it just so happens to be the first track. Starting off with a melodic clean guitar riff, it transitions right into a wall of heavy melodic guitar riffs. As soon as you hear it you will just know that this is what the song was suppose to sound like.

The vocals on this record are not to harsh and fit well with the feel of this record. A lot of times this style i feel can be overdone but with this record it isn’t. There are very few vocalist that can pull off that style of vocals and Feed does it and they do it very well.

This record keeps pushing forward and doesn’t lose touch one bit. Each song has its own vibe to it and i couldn’t imagine myself ever confusing one of their songs with another. This is a great record to just put on when you want to escape from reality and drive through the desert with nothing but a dusty trail behind you. 

This band is no longer active and i don’t think this record was ever put onto vinyl or cd but i could be wrong about that. The band also did a demo tape last year on Mind Over Matter records, but I’m sure that is a hard idem to find nowadays.“Human Engine” is up for a free download on the Seafoam Recordings website so go and check it out, you wont be disappointed.

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