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Update 9/6/09: CD Comp Details, Printing Soon

September 6, 2009

So its the first of the month now, finally getting back into the swing of things. Next week i will start getting everything ready to print for the first issue. Before we do any printing though i need to go over everything to make sure nothings fucked up and also finish a few details with the layout. Also I am waiting on one more interview but if that doesn’t go through it will be featured in the second issue. More details on that if necessary.

Along with that i will be putting together everything for the CD Comp that will be given away with the zine. I plan to do some cool things with that, still going through some ideas but expect some handmade covers as well as inserts and whatever other unique/creative things i can pull off. As of right now these are the bands/songs that will be featured on the comp. IF YOU STILL WANT TO BE ON THE COMP EMAIL ME ASAP, STILL HAVE ROOM FOR MORE BANDS ETC…

The comp will feature new songs from the following bands:

Mayflower “House Show is a Four Letter Word”
The Andrea Doria “No You Shut the Fuck Up, Dad”
Cicada “Axyl Rose’s Assless Chaps”
Forfeit “Burnt Earth”
Reckless Days “Letting Go”
Unfinished Business “Unleashed”
Born To Expire “Soothsayer”

I will be working on the covers as well this week for the zine. I plan to do a few different covers of limited quantity. So this week i will work on a xerox cover and i have been pondering the idea of having a hand written cover with art drawn up to go along with the the zine. More updates on that by the end of the week. I will be sure to put the covers up on here for everyone to check out.

Once i get everything printed I will figure out an online store type deal that has paypal for people to buy online as well. Any online purchase of the zine will also come with a free CDm comp.

Any distros that want zines get ahold of me through my Email (under “Contact”) and we will hook something up. And to any labels/bands that want to send in records to be reviewed also get in touch with me through email. This has been a long and drawn out project for me but its finally coming down to the finishing touches so be on the lookout, Thanks!

-Pat, newnoise|zine

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