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Heart in Hand Records

September 16, 2009


I received a package in the mail with some records in it to review from a small label based out of Los Angeles, California. I never really heard much about this label, just saw a few ads and what not on the internet, and i never had heard of any of the bands on the label but i was surprised with what i head when i started listening to the records that were sent to me.

Two of the bands, Until Your Heart Stops and At Our Heels are from the California area and the Recluse are from Birmingham, Alabama. Check out these bands and the label. All three of these bands have a different sound to them and i was into a lot of what i heard.

Check out the reviews below to get an overall idea of what these bands are about and pick up these records if you come across them.

The Recluse – Summer Showers

I haven’t really heard too much about this band, nor have i heard any of their other releases, but this Birmingham hardcore band brings a very angry and aggressive side to melodic hardcore. This 7″ is the only one i know of that they’ve done so i will treat it as if it is a debut 7″. In my opinion this is a good record for a band starting out. The production is normal for an EP, not to clean and crisp but still solid in the direction the band is going towards. From what i can gather online, they get a lot of influence from bands such as Black Flag, American Nightmare and Panic, some of that i can hear in their music. I like the roughness to this record, it transitions smoothly and i like a lot of noise that you wouldnt normally want in a record. The vocals stick out a lot for me after a few listens, i think that if they do record more records they could develop into a band people could really get behind. With the route that they’ve already taken they could adapt a unique punk sound like bands such as cloak/dagger or along those lines. This is a solid EP, i am looking forward to hearing how this band progresses as time grows.

At Our Heels- s/t 7″

A little hard to get use to at first but I think once you get past the vocals being a little too high pitched you can begin to gather what this band is about. Im not saying the vocals are bad by any means, i was just surprised when i first put this record on. At times the vocals are very tasteful and at other times i could go for something else. This band is very fast but yet very heavy and nothing sounds like it’s out of place. A lot of the guitar parts are unique and i wasn’t expecting to hear some of the melodies and riffs on this record. This is a cool sounding EP if you ask me, again i dont know too much about this band but im pretty sure this is the only record out right now from this California hardcore/punk band. Im also curious to see what they sound like on records to come.

Until Your Heart Stops – We Are Not Coming Down

This was my favorite record out of the package i received, and i wasn’t expecting it to be at all. When i first looked at it from a quick glance it was not all to appealing, the name did not really stick and i wasn’t to into the artwork. So after a while of it just sitting on my desk i finally put this record on and was shocked when the first song “Pulling Teeth” came in. The bass at the beginning sounds solid and the ending of the song was very catchy. The vocals are at a more mid range style and sound great with the feel of the entire band. Again like most bands from Cali, these guys are very fast and aggressive but with a melodic sound to them. The guitar parts as well as the tone are unique and were very appealing to my ears. My favorite tracks off this record would be “Lovers”, “Pulling Teeth” and “Ghost Town”. The first riff in “Ghost Town” almost sounds to me like a blues lick but played by a punk kid. I guess you should never judge a book by its cover, this is a very good debut EP, i hope this band sticks around long enough to write some more material, stay away from the trends, create your own style.

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