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Photos From The Last Syracuse Have Heart Show

September 18, 2009

Last nights show was beyond any words or expression. Everything about this show defined hardcore for me, I wont go on to much but hopefully those reading and those who attended understand the impact that this band has had over the past few years. Usually when bands break up i’d get bummed because its usually unexpected and too soon. But with Have Heart i feel that this was the right time for them to hang the towel. They’ve done everthing a hardcore band should do, tour the world, put out records and develop their own sound while still sticking to their morals and beliefs.

According to them they will never do a reunion down the road, which i feel is a good thing. When a band has called it quits they should stay that way. They have lived their legacy and like he said last night, its time to let new bands start from where they left off, that is how hardcore stays alive. Its sad to see this band go but at the same time it seems complete. I will miss seeing this band, ive  been fortunate to have had  the chance to see them all over the states and even overseas in Europe. Its amazing to me to be able to share something like that when your both half way across the world and away from home. Thats how small of a world the hardcore scene is and it should stay that way.

There are too many photos to post on this all at once so i’ve posted a few of my favorites. The rest of the photos can be viewed here at Nate’s photo blog ( Check them out and if you were not at this show you really missed out, this was a show of the year for Syracuse, nothing like this will ever happen again.

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