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And So It Begins…

September 22, 2009


Today I just printed the first proofs of all the interview for the first issue. Its been a long process for me and its been taking me many months but I’ve finally gotten underway with the final editing and printing.

Once i finish reading through everything to make sure there are no mistakes I will do any editing that is necessary and then begin to print out the final copies of all the interviews, articles, and other pages featured in the zine. Once all of that is done i will take them to Kinkos and start making copies.

Its almost been a year since i did the first interview with Foundation, my goal is to get it out well before that date haha. Im not going to give you an estimated date of when it will be out because i’ve done that several times already, so just keep your eyes and ears open, its coming soon…

Im also going to be working on two new covers for the zine, one hand xeroxed and the other hand drawn by a good friend of mine. Hopefully those will get done by the end of the week.

And finally I added some new tunes up to the myspace player so go and check those songs/bands out. The songs will be featured on the comp that will be sold along with the zine, more tunes on the way!

Thats probably enough rambling on for today so go and check the website for some new reviews and more updates.

-pat, newnoise|zine

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