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New Noise No.1 Fall 2009 $3.00

September 25, 2009



Today i finally finished putting together the final layout of the zine, everything is proofread and approved The first 25 out of 200 zines were sent out yesterday to the printing center.

Below the cover is the insert for the Comp that will be included with the zine. Those will be put together monday after the zines are done being assembled.

I will have the zines at the Forfeit/Born From Pain Syracuse Show Friday so come out to that show and pick one up!

It took me forever to get this done, and i know i can be a bit of a procrastinator but its finally finished, thanks for checking it out and for everyone who has helped along the way.

New Noise Zine No.1 Fall 2009 $3.00
Featuring Interview with: Reaper Records, Polar Bear Club, Foundation, Triple B Records, Unholy, Not Sorry, and Violent Side

Includes the New Noise Compilation 001 featuring: Not Sorry, Forfeit, Mayflower, Cicada, The Andrea Doria, Born to Expire, Reckless Days, Ghost Ship and Unfinished Business

Webstore for online ordering will be up soon.


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