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Achilles – Hospice LP

October 16, 2009

This record is probably one of the most important records to come out in the past five years for me and they happen to be a local band. I remember picking up this cd  when it came out and I was not sure what I was really getting into. I had heard them on previous records but always forgot to keep checking them out. Needless to say this record blew me away right from the first listen, and it has been in heavy rotation in my car cd player and ipod for the past few years now. So when I found out that someone was going to be releasing this onto vinyl I made sure to remind myself to get a copy.

The record came out pretty cool if you ask me. It’s different than most records that I have, the sleeve is a thiner card stock and the artwork feels and looks like a charcoal painting. If you look at the vinyl and the cd you can see some similarities. The lyric insert is straight to the point and I like that, the record also comes with another insert that is on a thicker; opaque tracing style paper with the logo of the record as well as the hex, and farewell party logos. Looks pretty cool, I dont know why they just didnt make that the insert but im not complaining, its a unique record and the layout goes hand in hand with that.

Go and pick this up online at Farewell Party Records webstore, and I also beleive Hex has a few of these in his distro, so pick one up at a show. I believe they will be playing some more shows in the near future when PBC is back from their world tour, but Im not certain so keep an eye out.

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