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100 Records: Crowbar – Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form

October 19, 2009

Heres another record added to my list of 100 favorite records, and these guys happen to be next on my list of favorite bands as well. Crowbar have always kept to their own style and have never steered away from that, but yet they still keep getting better and better with each record. I recently watched an interview with Kirk and he mentioned that he gets a lot of his influences from 60/70’s pop music as well as Seal. He mentioned that listening to music far away from the music of crowbar allows him to come up with some of melodies that he does. Now mind you if you’ve never heard crowbar they do not sound like a 60’s pop band at all, so here is a record that you should listen to, if your looking for some heavy enlightenment.

Crowbar – Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form
August 21, 2001 | Spitfire Records

B00005N8VDCrowbar is a name that should become very familiar to you if it hasn’t already. Quite possibly the quintessential sludge/doom band of the past 20 years, Crowbar paved a way for a new sound that not many have caught wind of yet while getting a lot of influence from bands like The Melvins and Carnivore.

New Orleans has bred a sound simply known as NOLA, bands such as Down, and Eyehategod are prime examples of this sludgy, down-tempo music. But with their 7th studio album “Sonic Excess in its Purest Form”, Crowbar has made it just that. Everything that you would want from a Crowbar record is here. I don’t think you could start off this album with a better song than “The Lasting Does”, and it’s quite possibly my favorite track off of this. It starts of with a melody that you would figure it to be anything heavy, but once the drums kick in and Krik starts belching those growls you know your in for something severe.

This is one of the better Crowbar records to come out since their previous work (i.e. “Odd Fellows Rest”, “Crowbar”). The production on this album is more precise and has a better sound overall but it still sticks to the raw sound that they are known for. There is really nothing much more to it, no crazy formulas with this record, it’s basically just heavy, and slow. Occasionally you will here a fast drum part but it really only ends up transitioning into a slow driving, down tempo power chords.

Some of my favorite jams off of this record are obviously “The Lasting Dose” as well as “Thru the Ashes (I’ve Watched You Burn)”, “Counting Daze”, “In Times Of Sorrow” and “Awakening”. I would suggest that instead of searching for those songs to download on iTunes you should just go out and pick up the entire cd or download the whole thing, otherwise it will lose its effect. All of the songs on this album flow greatly with each other, if on were to be left out it just wouldn’t make sense.

In my opinion this is one of the better crowbar records (right up there with “Odd Fellows Rest” and “Broken Glass”). Crowbar has shown over the course of their existence that they can uphold a heavy down tempo sound with each record and somehow it still pulls people in. If you look deep into some of their songs you will see where their influences are from and how they create the melodies that they do overtop their loud sludgy power chords.

Track Listing:
1.The Lasting Dose
2.To Build A Mountain
3.Thru The Ashes
5.Repulsion In It’s Splendid Beauty
6.Counting Daze
7.In Times Of Sorrow
8.It Pours From Me
9.Suffering Brings Wisdom
10.Failure To Delay Gratification
11.Empty Room

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