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Review: Moutheater – Flawless Embrace

October 26, 2009

A new track from Virginia’s punk/metal act MOUTHEATER was posted just recently. I came across this band almost a year ago when they posted some new songs for their record “Ornament” that came out on Thrashed records and I was really impressed, I was really into their sound and what they were going for. Not many bands do what they do and I think they have a lot of creativity with their songwriting, they seem like they are not afraid to go outside the box, which I like a lot.

This new song, “Flawless Embrace” is no exception. Moutheater keepa bringing their own unique sound clashing post-punk and metal with influence from bands such as  The Melvins, Cursed, Nirvana, and the Jesus Lizard. The vocals have a bit of a cursed vibe going on, but a little more calm, and the guitar work is very technical, using a lot of weird power chords, bringing out a lot of low end but there are also parts that sound like the guitar player is working the fretboard.

I was not expecting to come across a new song from this band, and I had no idea they were working on new stuff but im glad that they are. Im curious to see what release this will be on, looking forward to getting my hands on a copy when it is out.

Check out their other releases here.

I will be doing a review for “Ornament” as soon as I get my hands on a copy of the cd, but in the meantime I suggest you go and pick that up its a great record!

EDIT: “Flawless Embrace” is a track we’ve been working on at Double O. It’ll be on an as of yet untitled comp/4-way split that should be out sometime around late spring early summer of 2010. -Andrew, Moutheater

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