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Reviews///Converge – Axe To Fall

November 2, 2009

Converge – Axe To Fall
October 20, 2009 | Deathwish Inc.

3499 The long overdue and highly anticipated Converge album is finally here, and im glad to be able to finally review it. With their most aggressive album to date, this 13 song record is a great follow up to their previous effort “No Heroes” which was release in 2005, proving that Converge still is one of the best and most creative bands in aggressive music today.

You cant really start off a Converge record without it having ungodly fast drumming followed by intricate guitar picking and a huge bass sound, with that formula you get the song “Dark Horse”. Its the same as how every converge record starts, but there is a sense of more melody and and a lot more metal with this song and even the whole record for that matter.

I might be wrong but I do remember reading somewhere that this record was not entirely produced by their guitar player Kurt Ballou (Godcity Studios). From what I read they had the help of a co-producer, and I think the outside influence shows with these songs. They are a lot more intact than previous records, and you can tell that they wanted to make it more adhesive to newer metal fans, and I think it worked.

I’ve never heard an album that goes by as fast as this, it seems like when one song ends a new song emerges right after. I dont think there is any filler space between any song and I like that a lot. It makes the album seem as though the band is playing it live and straight through with out any bullshit in the middle to lose your attention.

One of the coolest tracks off “Axe To Fall” would have to be “Cruel Boom” which features a quest vocal spot from Neurosis’s Steve Von Till who has a fascination for sounding almost exactly like Tom Waits. Before doing research on the matter I was convinced that they did in fact get Tom Waits to record on one of their songs which would have been beyond awesome, but great job nonetheless.

Other great tracks off this record include “Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast”, “Wishing Well”, “Cutter” (which sounds like a straight Motorhead influence), “Axe To Fall”, “Damages”, and “Wretched World”.

As Converges popularity sores with this record, so does their musicianship. They can pull off almost anything from extremely fast songs to slow driving acoustic medley that replicates that of a Tom Wait song. The more and more I listen proves how much I like their later stuff more than their previous, after all I wouldnt be that much intrigued if they just rewrote “Locust Rain” over and over, as hard as that song is.

Track Listing:
1. Dark Horse
2. Reap What You Sow
3. Axe To Fall
4. Effigy
5. Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
6. Wishing Well
7. Damages
8. Losing Battle
9. Dead Beat
10. Cutter
11. Slave Driver
12. Cruel Bloom
13. Wretched World

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