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New Noise Spotlight: January /// Fire & Ice

December 23, 2009

Fire & Ice | Richmond, VA
Gods & Devils 7″ OUT NOW
Triple B Records
FFO: Cro-Mags, The Icemen, Leeway, Naysayer, White Devil

This band has been getting a lot of attention lately this past year, so if you haven’t heard of these guys yet hopefully you will get into them after reading this feature. Hailing from Richmond, VA this four piece plays very fast and aggressive thrash influenced hardcore in the vein of The Icemen, Leeway, and the Cro-Mags. A seemingly redundant formula but these guys do it well, while only having one solid demo out before announcing their debut 7″ release on Triple – B Records.

I picked up the demo this past summer while on tour and I remember all of us getting into it in the van, the recording wasn’t top notch but it was a quality demo nonetheless. The new 7″ titled “Gods and Devils” features re-recorded songs off the demo that (as well as a few new tracks I believe) that sound absolutely killer. If you are a fan of thrash mixed with late 80’s hardcore you shouldn’t be disappointed.

I beleive this band has members from other Richmond hc bands in it so if you’ve been following the scene down there don’t pass on this band.

Pick up “Gods & Devils” now@ the Triple B  webstore.

Check out Fire & Ice online @

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