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Interview: Violent Side (Issue #1)

January 7, 2010

New band out of Syracuse, NY. Members of Black SS, Forfeit, and My Way. Bringing a new style to Syracuse more along the lines of faster Boston straight edge style bands (Slapshot, Stop & Think etc…) New 7″ out now on Reaper Records/Violent Side Records. Limited quantity left, so pick one up before its too late.

So to start off, who all is in Violent Side and what other bands has everyone been in?
Brian: Violent Side includes: Dan K, Tomcore, Myself and my brother Pete. Dan is actively involved with the Syracuse straight edge heavyweights Black SS and has been in a slew of various Syracuse hardcore bands including Hit the Lights and My Way. I myself play guitar in Forfeit and Tom’s last effort was also with Dan in My Way. As far as my brother I think he has been recently been spotted in Scandinavia playing drums for that Worchester rock outfit I Rise. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

How did this band come about?
Me Tom and Dan have been throwing ideas of starting a band for ages now. Since Forfeit and Black SS don’t really play Syracuse very much for various reasons, we were looking for something to do in the meantime. There was a time when there was a plethora of awesome fast hardcore (re: 2004-06) and we all I think had a collective mind state to bring that back. I myself am just trying to be as productive as I can as far as my input into the hardcore scene. The problem we kept running into was we couldn’t find a drummer and I think one night I was watching Seinfeld with my brother and it hit me, “well shit, Pete plays drums”, so we were set.

Who writes all the music for VS?
I think due to the fact that we were all so psyched to start this project we all had a song or two written by the first time we practiced.

What are your main influences?

You guys recorded a demo on to a cassette tape, how many songs are on that and are their any plans to release it?
The only actual recording we have of this band is a recorded practice at the North Syracuse space that we taped over one of Dan K’s straight edge mixtapes. This summer is real crazy for Forfeit but once I get a minute we’ll record a demo and get it out to the masses.

First show was Black SS/TUI/Backtrack at the WCC, how was that show like?
Im not sure if you can call that a first show, we hopped on before BSS and played 4 songs lasting a lengthy 4 minutes. Our first show was at Castle Rockmoore with Baltimore’s straight edge outfit Mindset.

Any shows lined up for the summer?
I think our only show this summer was the Mindset show, hopefully we’ll be playing more in the fall when im actually around to play shows, I think we are focused I getting our demo out asap.

How fucking straight edge is violent side? (asks Steve H.)
Violent Side is 3/4 edge, Petey is a well known drugger but we don’t dare hold that against him.

Favorite AF song?
Ill go with Society Sucker today, frequently changes.

Favorite Boston SXE band?
Stop & Think

What are some current hardcore bands out right now that you have been into?
Step Forward/Free Spirit/Foundation/The Rival Mob/Power Trip/Backtrack

Best record to come out in 2009 so far?
The Rival Mob-Raw Life

Any plans to play out more in the future and to possibly tour?
Im sure we will play out plenty more, id love to do a weekend or a short tour. We haven’t even covered straight ahead yet, cmonnnnnn.

Final Comments/shout outs?
The Syracuse Straight Edge (still alive), Reaper Records, Halo Tattoo, Starbies, ATL XXX, Dog Pound XOXO

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