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New Noise Zine’s Best Of 2009

January 13, 2010

A lot of great records came out this year, and a lot of time was spent on my part listening to them. Many were surprising and unusual and others were well anticipated and widely appreciated. Below i ‘ s a our Top 25 records of 2009 in order. It’s hard to imagine that all of these records came out this past year, I feel like i’ve been listening to them longer than I have. Needless to say you should go and pick these records if you haven’t already.

25. Oak & Bone – s/t (Hex)
This is the debut 7″ from Syracuse, NY’s Oak and Bone. This record is very unique blending queens of the stone age riffs with post hardcore melody and structure. This was a very surprising first release and all of the songs on this are really easy to get into. I almost find myself mad when listening to this at how god some of the riffs are. This is not a stereotypical hardcore band needless to say.

24. Moutheater – Ornament (Thrashed)
Take a time machine back to the early 90’s and mix Nirvana with the Melvins, then put them in a practice room with Cursed and Neurosis and you will get the Virginia Hardcore/Metal and Punk band, Moutheater. This is the bands first full length and it has a really unique sound to it overall. A lot of great influences blended with a fierce pissed off hardcore vibe.

23. Naysayer – No Remorse (Reaper)
Fast paced and aggressive hardcore from Richmond, Va. This is the bands first release on Reaper and is a great first release. This record is filled with thrash and groove oriented riffs, and it definitely reminds me a lot of early Madball, especially the vocals. This is a great sounding first 7″, it’s not to overdone and really raw which is how a band like this should sound.

22. Downpresser – Age Of Ignorance (Triple B)
Some of the hardest riffs of the year can be heard on this record. There is a strong merauder influence on this record, every song is heavy and well written. This band blends hardcore and metal great without sounding to cheesy or overdone. The lyrics are really awesome as well, don’t sleep on this band they are the next best thing coming out of Cali.

21. Cave In – Planets Of Old (Hydra Head)
This release was an overall surprise to me along with the Cave In reunion earlier this year. I was unable to attend but I am however siked on this release. Like any Cave In record it is unique and different than the last. This record has a lot of newer influences, some southern rock and experimental jams, much like Steven Brodysky’s other side projects. Cave In fans wont be bummed, thats for sure.

20. Propagandhi – Supporting Caste (G7 Welcoming Committee)
The legendary trash/punk canadians are back again with one of their most developed records to date. This record shows a lot of progress but still maintains the style and structure that they went for on their previous record. The production is top notch and the riffs are distinct and very fast. This band blends thrash metal and punk very well and I never thought that I could say that about a band before.

19. Title Fight – The Last Thing You Forget (Run For Cover)
Who hasn’t heard of this band yet? Probably the most hyped record of the year and there is a reason for that, and thats because its fucking good. It took me a while to finally pick this up and listen to it, but eventually I did and I feel stupid for not checking it out earlier. This band will blow up before you know it so get into it now!

18. Polar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg (Bridge 9)
One of the most anticipate records of the year, PBC’s debut LP on Bridge 9 is a fast paced and poppy record with a strong post hardcore rock sound. This band has developed a lot over the years, starting off as a side project and now a full time touring machine. Check them out on the road and pick up this record, one of the best punk/post hardcore bands out today.

17. Mother Of Mercy – III (Six Feet Under)
This is the bands first full length having done two EP’s before this. This band blends together many elements to their sound, from 90’s alternative rock bands to thrash metal (in the vein of megadeth). This record is by far their best yet, they have a unique sound going for them that not many bands are doing, this record definetly stands out amongst many that our out today.

16. Thrice – Beggars (Island)
This record is what you would expect from a thrice album, at least their later sound. No it is not a concept album this time, instead it is 10 songs that all blend greatly together. This band has evolved into a song writing machine within their past few records blending experimental progressions and indie riffs. Do not pass on this, if you are a thrice fan you wont be disappointed.

15. Gypsy – s/t (Six Feet Under)
This is the bands debut EP featuring members of cold world, blacklisted and other notable bands from PA. Blending influences from bands such as Archers of Loaf mixed with Jawbreaker, you can see why everyone has been freaking out about this band. And the fact that they are off the radar with any form of internet media (myspace, facebook) is aiding in the curiousity towards the band.

14. Shook Ones – The Unquotable A.M.H. (Paper + Plastic)
If you haven’t heard of this band by now than something must not be right. One of the best pop punk/hardcore bands out right now. The current state of pop punk sucks but these guys and a slew of other bands are doing the right thing. Kid Dynamite mixed with Lifetime, two similar style bands but very influential to the Shook Ones nonetheless.

13. Soul Control – Cycles (Bridge 9)
This is the bands first full length on Bridge 9 records and also with their new singer Rory Van Grol (How We are, Achilles). Having re-recorded the four singles they put out last year and with a slew of new songs this band is one of the few bands out still doing the 90’s hardcore sound. This record reminds me a lot of 108 mixed with some quicksand riffs every now and again.

12. Paint It Black – Amnesia (Bridge 9)
PIB is back with the first of two ep’s this year, this record is their first for bridge 9 as they decided to mix it up with different labels for these releases. This record is very fast paced and pissed off, this record is nothing to different sound wise for PIB but it is definitely a progression for the band. Dan Yemin’s voice is a lot more pissed off it seems and the music has a raw feel to it.

11. Baroness – Blue Record (Relapse)
Baroness is back with their 2nd full length, and a hard one to follow up to the “Red Album” but I think they got it done right. Is it my favorite? I am not to sure but maybe after listening to it for a few more months I will love this record more than their previous LP. Either way this record smokes and the riffs are cool and they have progressed a lot as a band.

10. Foundation – Hang Your Head (Six Feet Under)
Foundation’s first 7″ on Six Feet Under and it is the best thing they have done to date. This band just keeps getting better and better with time. This reminds me a lot of mid 90’s upstate new york hardcore (another victim, buried alive) with a twist of their own sound. This is a band to watch out for in 2010, go pick up this record!

9. Rise & fall – Our Circle Is Vicious (Deathwish)
The long awaited and well overdue LP from Belgium’s hardcore/metal act Rise and Fall is by far one of the most unique records in hardcore today. This band has evolved into a monster blending evil riffs and strange guitar patterns. This record has proven that R&F is consistent in what they do, and they do it really well. If your looking for a heavey and unique metal/hardcore record this is up your alley.

8. Paint It Black – Surrender (Fat Wreck Chords)
Two records in one year, and both of them are on my top 25 of the year. I consider them one record due to the fact that they were recorded at the same time and if you play it back to back it sounds consistent. This is my favorite of the two EP’s but both are awesome. This record is a lot more raw and pissed off, and not as melodic as the Amnesia EP. One of the best hardcore/punk bands out today.

7. Russian Circles – Geneva (Suicide Squeeze)
I feel like a lot of people overlook this band and its a shame. There are not many 3 piece instrumental bands out today and this band is definitely on top of their game. I listen to this record and wonder how the hell one guitar player can do this with just a few pedals, but I guess thats the answer. This has the usual sound expected in a russian circles album but with a few more twist and turns.

6. Blacklisted – NODTBHMTM (Deathwish)
One of the most surprising record of the year seeing as how it was not announced for pre orders, it just came out. Blacklisted is one of the most unique bands out right now and they have evolved from a more simple hardcore band to something much more. Nirvana/Archers of Loaf meets Only Living Witness is how I would describe the influences, weird for a hardcore band but awesome at the same time.

5. Trapped Under Ice – Secrets Of The World (Reaper)
Probably the most anticipated record of the year, Secrets of the World is TUI’s best work to date. Every song on this record is gold and when I first put this on I distinctly remember moshing in my bedroom after the second song, so that alone should telly ou this is a good record. Very unique song structures and some of the best vocal patterns in hardcore today.

4. Iron Age – The Sleeping Eye (Tea Pee)
This record was leaked well before a proper release but eventually the record came out on CD and Vinyl. This record straight up sounds like an earlier metallica record, but recorded today. Some hardcore bands have thrash influenced riffs but I would consider this record a straight up metal record. This is by far one of the best records i’ve listened to in a long time, production wise and musically.

3. Dinosaur Jr – Farm (Jagjaguwa)
Dino Jr has been one of the most consistent bands in the independent music and this album is proof of that. They have one of the most defining sounds in their genre even to this day. This has the usual formula for a Dino jr record and its nothing to outside the box for them, and it doesn’t have to be its just straight up awesome. Pick this up, you will not be disappointed.

2. Brand New – Daisy (Interscope)
Brand new has molded into a totally different band, losing all of their pop punk riffs and adding more elements of post-rock and experimental into their song structures. Some people hate this record and others like myself love it. I guess if you were not into the last album and were more into their older stuff than this isn’t for you. However you should check this out either way, maybe you will dig it.

1. Converge – Axe To Fall (Deathwish)
The most anticipated record of the year for me, Converge brings forth a full force metal record. More than 20 years into the hardcore/punk scene and they can still write and record an amazing record, you can’t say that about most bands today. This record flows as if they were playing the songs live, every song pretty much goes into each other and its meant to be listened to as a whole.

Honorable Mentions:
Maximum Penalty – Life & Times /// Reaper
Creatures – I, Lucifer /// Eulogy
Tigers Jaw – Self Titled /// Photobooth
Power Trip – Armageddon Blues /// Double Or Nothing
Backtrack – Deal With The Devil /// 6131
Dead End Path – Demo 09 /// DIY
Them Crooked Vultures – Self Titled /// Self Released
Minus – Demo 09 /// DIY
Earth Crisis – To The Death /// Century Media
Isis – Wavering Radient /// Ipecac

…im sure there is more that I’m forgetting, but thats good for now.

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  1. January 30, 2010 3:14 pm

    Sounds interesting..I’ll have to look into this a bit further.

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