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Back On The Wagon!!!

June 1, 2010

Update 7/8/10

Still putting together the final touches on the zine. Might have a few more interviews added to this next issue and I have been finishing up a lot of reviews as of late. Expect to see some posted up here in a few days, lots of great records out since the last time I posted especially the new Bitter End, Black Breath, Tigers Jaw, Dead End Path, and 108 records and a whole slew of others. Once all of that is settled I will start putting together the layout, hopefully that doesn’t take nearly as long as last time, hopefully I can find someone better equipped and knowledgeable in photoshop than I am but we will see. But anyways expect some reviews up here in a few days and be sure to check out the new Bitter End record “Guilty As Charged”it has my vote for best HC record of the year!

– Pat, newnoise|zine


Update 6/1/10

Its been a busy past few months and I have not been able to really update this site with new reviews and interviews as much as i’ve been wanting to. But now that all of that is behind there is nothing else to do but move forward. With that said,  the next issue of New Noise will be ready to be sent out to the printery by the end of June. All of the content is written, just working on getting the layout complete as well as a cover design. Expect a lot more content with this next issue, and there will be no previews of any of the interviews on this site like I did before. If you want to read the interviews, buy the magazine and when they are all sold out I will post some content.

The issue will feature as follows:

Interviews with:
(The Promise, Another Victim, Santa Sangre, Terror, Etc…)


+ Reviews, Columns, and a Tour Journal from Europe

I will post the cover up here in a few weeks as soon as I get everything finalized. After this next issue is out expect a major revamp on the New Noise Blog. The plan is to completlely redesign the site to be simplistic and more focused on the content than anything else. From here on out it will be strictly reviews, interviews and columns as well from time to time, and thats it. Also, will also be the new host for the site so be sure to bookmark it and keep and eye out for it in the next month or two. Thats it for now, the next update will be with pre-ordering info and a cover design!

-Pat, newnoise|zine

*if you want your Demo/EP/LP or CD reviewed contact us and we will set something up.

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