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July 27, 2010

From The Limit Records:
Born To Expire’s Soothsayer came to this earth already in 2008, but was kept under the radar, because of some members being busy with their other band Forfeit. But now is the time to get this out on some good old slab of vinyl, because the truth is that this is too good to be unnoticed. The first pressing will be 500 pieces, of which a limited amount of 100 will come on black vinyl. You can pre-order that now in our store. Also you can listen to 2 songs on our website.

Because we couldn’t write it better ourselves, here’s what Aversionline wrote about Born To Expire:

“Soothsayer is the absolutely badass debut EP from Auburn, NY’s Born to Expire, and I have to assume they’re named after the Leeway album, which is always a good sign – even if they don’t sound like Leeway! Expect crushing metallic hardcore that spices up the traditional power chord rhythms and chugging midpaced breaks with some dense, sludge-laden grooves and cold, crawling dissonance.

The recording on this thing is heavy as shit, too. I’ve never heard basslines this effectively loud before in my life! I swear the bass must be mixed dead even with the guitars, if not a touch louder. And I love it! I hope they maintain that balance on all of their future recordings, ’cause it makes the riffs – which are already superfuckin’ meaty – hit even harder.

The overall feel of this stuff kind of reminds me of the mighty Dead City, which is also always a good sign. According to the dude from the band who sent me the EP, their new material is hinting at a little more of a Crowbar influence, which could be really cool hearing how those types of runs already seep into these tracks. Hell, there are moments herein that damn near touch on doom metal vibes, so… who knows how far they’ll take such elements down the road? Whatever the case, this is a killer start, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more.” – Aversionline (

Click Here to Pre-Order the EP at the Limit Records
Also we may or may not be releasing this EP over in the states, we will see how it goes and hopefully have some ore info about that up on here soon as well

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